Any person who is interested in making online transactions can register on Lendmepay. There is no eleigibility for registration. Customers can use value added services with the help of lendmepay.
Customer whose employer is registered with Lendmepay can apply for loans as in doing so details of employer are mandatory.
Lendmepay account is activated instantly. For doing recharge or making payment, you need not to wait and can simply add money to your wallet and start using services. For applying for loan, you need to get your KYC and loan related documents verified.
Lendmepay offers short term loans to customers. There are three categfories of loans - Airtime Distributor Loan, Women Entrepreneures Business Loan and Salary Advance Loan
Loan duration depends on the Loan product that you have selected on Get a Loan page. Once selected you can click on info icon and check the duration there.
Documents required while applying for loan are Employment letter, Bank statement and Salary slip. Without providing these documents you can not complete the loan process.
Loan minimum and maximum depends on the Loan product that you have selected on Get a Loan page. Once selected you can see the minimum and maximum amount in slider shown below the loan products option.
You can apply for as many loans as you want. However, only one loan can be active at a time. Once done, it is either your loan will be disbursed or rejected. If it has been rejected, you can try again and apply for new loan.
No you cannot apply for another loan if any previous loan is in pending state.
You can find this information in the list of loans. You can see the comments given by Lendmepay for rejection of loan.
You can avail services provided by various partners connected with us. You can do Zesco Electricity bill bill payment, DStv / GOtv / Topstar smart card recharge.
If you do not have sufficient balance in your wallet, then at the time of making any transaction first you will be prompted about insufficient balance and then you will have an option to add money to your wallet first. Once money has been added to your account, you will be able to pay utility bill or make any other payments.
You can check all your transaction in your account statement. It will show you list of all transactions done under various partners whether it was a utility bill payment or mobile recharge.
You don't have to worry about paying the EMI. Your employer will pay those for you. Employer will deduct the amount from your salary.
No, EMI will not be deducted from your account. Your employer will take care of that.
The rate of interest will depend on the Loan product that you have selected on ‘Get a Loan’ page. Once selected you can click on the info icon, you will be able to see the various rates of interest depending on the loan selected.
No, in order for you to apply for a loan, your KYC needs to be completed and approved by LendMePay.
Repayment dates are decided based on the Loan product selected while applying for loan and it is fixed for each product. Again, this will be decided your employer.
Every customer whose documents are verified can avail the value added services and can do utility payments. Customers can either use money in their lendmepay wallet or they can directly do transactions using credit / debit cards.
Yes, it is alright for you to do so. However, you will still be required to pay the initial interest that was scheduled.
Once you apply for a loan, we can check your credit score through a CRB check to see if you qualify with us.
All loans are covered by credit life insurance, therefore, if such a case happened, the insurance company will be able to make the payments to us.


LendMePay Zambia Limited is a company incorporated under the laws of Zambia as an international financial technology company, LendMePay is regulated by Bank of Zambia under the Banking and Financial Services (Microfinance) Regulations Act of 2006. LendMePay Zambia Limited provides a platform which facilitates the provision of digital financial services such as, bill payments, mobile recharge, money transfer to individuals and SMEs.

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